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IT Lifecycle Management

Go to Market Faster, with Epic Infotech's Product Development

You’re looking for a strategic product development partner. One who can extend the skills in your talent pool with experts who will develop a thorough understanding of your products, processes, and programs. And, whose flexibility enables you to quickly ramp up or down as needed, minimizing your costs and maximizing your profitability.

Epic Infotech Consulting is that partner.

Our global resources can help you nimbly respond to the opportunities and challenges of a changing marketplace. Leveraging our resources and infrastructure, you’ll work with a collaborator who can help you bring your high-quality products to market swiftly and economically. Our programmers, developers, and project managers have deep expertise in a wide array of technologies. We’ve worked within a broad range of development processes, and can deliver your project end-to-end or jump in at any stage of the product development lifecycle. Our solutions include:

Outsourced Product development

• Design services

•   Requirements scoping

•    Prototyping

•    Core development

Product testing and QA

•    Across all phases of lifecycle

•    Automated testing

•    Manual testing

•    Documentation


•    Product customization

•    Performance tuning

•    Feature upgrades

•    End-of-life support

•    Defect resolution

Product implementation support

•    Localization of core product

•    Deployment support

•    Professional services