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Epic Educational Consultants

Services for students

  • Free Information and Guidance on study USA latest information on selection of Universities, process of online application, paper application forms, UCAS, costing of studies, provision of scholarships and living etc is available in all our offices.

  • Comprehensive student counseling service in selection of suitable courses and the appropriate University depending on academic qualification, funding to meet the student needs.
  • Providing you TOEFL/IELTS preparatory classes (if required)
  • Visa Guidance/assistance on the requirements
  • Pre-Departure Briefing, to fully prepare the students before traveling overseas.
  • Discounted travel to USA


Services for Institutions

  • Students recruiting services both for domestic US market as well as International Market with special focus on Dubai, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh.
  • Development & Printing of market specific promotional literature for panel Universities
  • Advertising, editorials in the National dailies and education related magazines.
  • Seminars /Presentations
  • Interview individual students
  • Attend Educational Fairs & Exhibitions  
  • Handle and respond to online, telephonic and walk in enquiries.
  • Conduct counseling sessions in selected local educational institutions including English Medium Schools, local Colleges and Universities.
  • Filter out non potential students to focus on potential students.
  • Extensive background check, Degree verification of potential students
  • Close liaison with agencies such as British Council, Australian Education Division, Government Ministries, Embassies and others.
  • Help set up links with credible local institutions for progression agreements, MOU’s, such as 1+2 or 2+2 (UG) etc. and set up Research links.
  • Provide regular feedback on the market trends, changes and intelligence that may be of benefit to the Universities in USA.
  • Arrangement of USA University’s delegates visits seminars accommodation or any other activity on behalf of University in Dubai, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh.


Educational institutions represented by Epic Educational Consultants are large and comprehensive institutions. They are located in major and popular cities. While the range of institutions and locations is varied, all of the institutions we work with have certain criteria in common. First and foremost, the universities' programs, facilities and staff are of the highest quality and are located in a safe environment conducive to learning. Second, institutions are willing to make you an integral part of their university and have committed staff to ensure your success.

Recruitment Team:
We are proud to have professional and Technical recruiters working with us on this projects at US as well as at Epic locations globally.